Fall heaven…

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I don’t know whether I’m just hyper aware of all the fall decor this season in light of all the trendy “fall” posts on Instagram/Facebook, or whether people are simply more festive this year.

Either way, whether I’m sneaking a peek at my fellow neighbour’s fall display in Toronto or strolling the bustling streets of Chicago, I realized people are doing it up right this year. And I’m LOVING it!

The most exciting part is that it’s SO easy to do! You don’t have to be a regular Martha Stewart to incorporate fabulous fall decor into your home! A quick pop into your local grocery store or market can provide you with decor for days. And it’s inexpensive too. For only $4.99 you can buy yourself a small bag of white pumpkins (my favorite) that you can incorporate into any centerpiece, outside display, or harvest table. At this time of year, a little bit of money can go a long way when dealing with decor. These ghostly white gourds are festive, yet add a touch of class to any display. This year I mixed my mini pumpkins in with a bowl of green apples for a cool contrasting effect on my kitchen counter.

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All you need to get this awesome effect is:

1. A rustic looking bowl; which you can find at HomeSense, Pier One, Pottery Barn, etc, (mine is from HomeSense Canada)

2. Some fresh green apples (or red, if preferred)

3. And a small bag of white pumpkins, (incorporate them evenly throughout the bowl for a natural looking effect)

If you’re looking to create a really cool fall centerpiece for any table in your home, try a bowl of farmer’s gourds instead (mine are from NoFrills):

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Here I paired my bowl of gourds with some fall foliage, some old vintage books (I found in my mom’s antique cabinet), a skull candle from Pottery Barn, and a decorative antler from HomeSense Canada. In minutes, you’ve got yourself a coffee table display that will put any guest at any age in the spirit of the season. Feel free to rearrange your display,(it’s foolproof) and it’ll look rustic chic no matter how you pair your findings. And all for less than $60! Also keep in mind that once Halloween is over and stores start bringing in all of their Christmas stuff, they usually have amazing sales on their fall decor 🙂

Last but not least are my favorite decorative gems: fall mums! Literally found at any grocery store or market (I like the selection at Longo’s), these multi-colored beauties are a delight for the eyes and the nose. Whether it’s street decor or an outdoor display for your home, fall mums really add an element of color and festive cheer. Below is a photo I took this year of one of the loveliest B&B’s in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario:

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On my fall trip to Chicago, I was mesmerized by the vibrant mums, corn stalks, and pumpkins lining the Magnificent Mile. They opted for pinks and oranges to contrast with the famous white-washed color of the buildings. Aesthetically, it really worked well this year for the Windy City:

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Most importantly, have fun with it! There are no rules when it comes to decorating for fall. It’s a quick, cheap, and easy way to bring some festive cheer into your life!