Spring has Sprung


After a trip to my local market, I can officially say “spring has sprung!” I’m done with pumpkins and Christmas trees; give me those spring blooms!

There’s nothing more refreshing after a long, cold, and tiring winter than seeing color everywhere. I guess I’m not the only one who’s sick of various grey tones bombarding my senses. With that being said, picking up a giant bunch of pink tulips will put a smile on any gal’s face. Yes, they are girly. Yes, they are bright. And yes, they are bold. But I can tell you one thing, they are FABULOUS! And with Easter fast approaching, what better way to ring in the season?!

tulip table

So open up your cabinets and grab those vases folks, because these blooms need to be seen. Not to mention, they smell fresh, crisp, and look great in photos. Placed on a kitchen counter, bathroom vanity, or kitchen/dining table, these bouquets are bound to brighten up any room.

Spring is the busy season in the Real Estate world. Home owners are rushing to find agents, contractors, and stagers to give them advice on what they can do to make their homes stand out above the rest. Having a fresh floral element in any open house, not only will impress potential buyers, but will make any advertisement photo pop. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile. Little details mean everything!